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Bromodomains are a family of evolutionarily conserved protein modules of approximately 110 amino acids that have been found in chromatin-associated proteins as well as nuclear histone acetyltransferases (HATs). Besides its role in chromatin remodeling, recent studies have identified that bromodomains, as acetyl-lysine binding domains, are able to recognize and bind ε–N-acetylated lysine residues in histone and non-histone proteins. The nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopic analysis reveals that the chemical structure of bromodomains, consisting of four left-handed α-helices (including αZ, αA, αB and αC) connected by two loops (ZA and BC loops), forms a deep hydrophobic cavity serving as the acetyl-lysine recognition site.

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  2. A1910 Bromodomain Inhibitor, (+)-JQ1 BET bromodomain inhibitor
  3. C4229 UMB-32 inhibitor of the BET bromodomain BRD4 and the bromodomain-containing transcription factor TAF1 and TAF1L
  4. C4097 NI-57 bromodomains of BRPF proteins inhibitor
  5. C3668 GSK6853 BRPF1 inhibitor
  6. C3076 AZD 5153 orally available, bivalent inhibitor of the bromodomain and extraterminal (BET) protein BRD4.
  7. B7801 CPI-637 CBP/EP300 bromodomain inhibitor
  8. B6197 PF-CBP1 CBP/p300 bromodomain inhibitor
  9. B6196 BI-7273 BRD9 bromodomain inhibitor
  10. B6184 BI-9564 BRD9/7 specific inhibitor
  11. B6169 I-BRD9 BRD9 inhibitor

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